Get Loud About Cancer Rehab

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Thank you for your interest in the GET LOUD about CANCER REHAB movement

Here are some ways that you can get involved to spread the word about how cancer rehabilitation helped YOU overcome cancer treatment-related side effects. Sharing your story is a powerful way for others to learn that they can live well beyond cancer.

Download one of these ready-to use-social images

Post on your personal social media feeds along with any other pictures you would like to share. Be sure to tag @ReVitalCancerRehabilitation and include the campaign hashtag #GETLOUD2022. Plus include other hashtags such as #CancerRehab, #LivingWellBeyondCancer and #ReVitalNation.

Simply click your preferred image to download:

ReVital - Get loud about cancer rehab ReVital - Get loud about cancer rehab because ReVital - Get Loud - Today I graduated from cancer rehab ReVital - Get Loud - Today I graduated from cancer rehab

Update your Facebook profile picture with the “GET LOUD about CANCER REHAB” Facebook profile frame. It is really easy to do, simply click on your Facebook profile image and select — ‘Add Frame’ then search for “GET LOUD about CANCER REHAB’ and select ‘Use as profile picture.’

Follow @ReVitalCancerRehabilitaion on social media channels

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And be sure to keep track of the hashtags - #GETLOUD2022, #CancerRehab, #LivingWellBeyondCancer and #ReVitalNation.

Engage with @ReVitalCancerRehabilitation social posts

Throughout the year the ReVital team will be frequently posting information to support the campaign message. Keep an eye out for patient success stories, updates on the latest research that supports cancer rehabilitation as a standard of care and more. Please engage with these posts by commenting, liking, loving, and sharing to help spread the word.

Please encourage others you know to get involved. Share the ReVital and GET LOUD about CANCER REHAB web and social media pages with your loved ones, your community and local support groups.

Together, we can inform thousands if not millions of people about the benefits of cancer rehabilitation and that it is possible to live well during and beyond cancer.

Thank you for your support in sharing this important message.