Resources for Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation
The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) reviews research on exercise and cancer and makes recommendations.
Exercise Improves Outcomes for Cancer Patients
Read the recent research that demonstrates how exercise helps decrease the adverse side effects.
Cancer-Related Fatigue
Get the facts on cancer-related fatigue and see the latest research demonstrating how exercise helps reduce it.
Specialized Cancer Rehabilitation Therapist
Why does a cancer rehabilitation specialization make a difference? Learn here.

Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Learn about CIPN and how recent studies are increasingly providing evidence that exercise can
Pain and Cancer
Pain affects about half of all cancer patients. Get an overview of the exciting new research that shows how exercise helps reduce pain.
Woman using exercise ball - Strength After Breast Cancer
Strength After Breast Cancer
Learn about two landmark studies that demonstrate the multiple benefits of resistive exercise in breast cancer survivors with lymphedema.
Falls in Adults with Cancer
Adults with cancer are more likely to fall and injure themselves.
Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment
Adults with cognitive impairment struggle to adapt and recover cognitive function.
Genitourinary Cancers Need for Rehabilitation
Cancer rehabilitation needs for adults with GU cancers- an unmet need.
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