Patient Spotlight


Get to know some of our patients and learn how they took control of their quality of life. Every person affected by cancer journey is unique. Discover how ReVital can help you get back to doing the things you care about most.

Sean Flaherty

A Profile in Living Life Before, During and After Cancer
Radiation for stage 4 tonsil and throat cancer left Sean with muscle pain and weakness as well as nerve damage. A combination of physical therapy, ultrasound and Botox got him back to life, family and his favorite activity, surfing.

Kelly Cochrane

A Profile in Fortitude
A roll up your sleeves CEO with a young son, Kelly endured three punishing rounds of breast cancer that sidelined her. Cancer and its treatment resulted in crushing migraines, overwhelming fatigue and weakness, nausea and substantial weight loss. Kelly’s resilience guided her to the right doctors and cancer rehabilitation. That combination was a salve for her issues and led her back to full-time work and motherhood.

Margo Bryan Morgan

A Profile in Self Discipline
Stage 4 tongue cancer sent Margo directly to surgery followed by rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. As a result, issues surfaced, including: lymphedema, breathing difficulty, pain and spasms and limited head and neck movement. But Margo was lucky, her doctor directed her to cancer rehabilitation to address those debilitating challenges. Determined, she took full advantage of therapy in order to be present for a momentous occasion: her wedding.

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