You save patients’ lives

We help them regain their quality of life

Your patients face painful and function-limiting consequences as a result of chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. The ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation Program can help them restore their strength, physical function, and independence lost due to cancer or its treatment.

We Can Help

We understand the challenges oncologists face. Our solutions benefit patients and you, their provider.

We help you improve Patient:

  • Satisfaction Scores

We empower patients to activate their own care, take control, and improve their quality of life. We make patients happier.

  • Care Pathway Compliance

We help patients mitigate fatigue and de-conditioning, and improve their function and ability to continue cancer treatment.

  • Reimbursement and Quality Scores

We assist patients in managing pain, balance problems, and neuropathy may decrease unnecessary emergency room visits, falls, and office call-backs. 

Partnering with ReVital

More than half of the 16.5 million people affected by cancer in the United States will develop pain or functional issues related to their cancer or its treatment. Restoring and maintaining function and quality of life is the primary mission of ReVital.

Whether you’re part of a small independent oncology practice or large hospital-based network, we seek to partner with oncology practices committed to high-quality care throughout a patient’s continuum.

We know your plate is full. That’s why we’ve developed a simple referral process to get your patients the support they need so you can focus on saving more lives. Not only will your patients appreciate the opportunity to activate their own care, your team will also enjoy the benefits of partnering with a post-acute care provider that knows cancer:

Occupational Therapy
Patient Satisfaction

Patients that participate in ReVital learn how to manage their impairments.  For the first time in their cancer journey, many patients have an active role and maximize their ability to control their own outcomes.  Often, by treating physical impairments, other psychosocial effects of cancer can be mitigated.

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency 

Many of our oncology partners report a marked decrease in phone calls and visits due to pain and functional issues.  

Value Based Care
Aligned to Value-Based Care

Evidence shows that cancer patients with peripheral neuropathy have nearly 2 times greater chance of falling.  Pain is the chief complaint for most cancer patients who return to the emergency room.  These impairments can lead to costly interventions. ReVital seeks to proactively address these issues, and many others, unnecessary readmissions that can impact alternative payment models.


Chemotherapy compliance is a major area of focus for most of our oncology partners.  By tracking patient-reported and objective outcome measures, we help patients prepare for changes in their active treatment.  Our therapists help patients adopt strategies to manage through their pain, fatigue and distress so they can maintain their prescribed chemo regimen.

Certified Clinicians
Certified Clinicians

Our commitment is not only to be the largest cancer rehabilitation program – we’re also dedicated to being the best.  Our clinicians must undergo exhaustive training to be able to participate in the ReVital program.  Training can include hundreds of hours of didactics, hands-on workshops, and group learning sessions.  No other program in the world approaches the scope and scale of our education.