Inspired Reading and First-Hand Stories for Recovery, Rehabilitation and Beyond

multiple color ribbons showing the different types of cancerIs Cancer Rehabilitation Right for Me?
Cancer rehabilitation is about addressing cancer-related issues that are impacting you physically, functionally or cognitively.

woman in silhouette against sunset through a windowBeyond Tired: Coping with Cancer-Related Fatigue
Regardless of whether your cancer journey just began, or you have been a survivor for a number of years, you may have heard of or experienced cancer-related fatigue (CRF).

woman leaning her head against her husband's shoulderWhat To Know About Cancer Rehabilitation
At ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation, we believe that knowledge is power. So knowing what to expect on the road ahead, whether for you or a loved one, can help you move forward. We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions. Use it as a starting point to better understand what cancer rehabilitation is all about.