Patient Stories

Every ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation patient has a story to tell. Below are stories that embody the spirit of determination, hard work and healing. They reflect individual strength and resiliency.

Above all, they represent hope.


"Throughout my cancer journey, I have felt very blessed to have had the team who was taking care of me. After my radiation therapy ended, I developed some swelling and other side effects. My surgeon knew immediately what was going on. I had lymphedema.”

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“ReVital has been an amazing source of hope and comfort for me.”

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“I’m getting there with the help of ReVital. The exercise works and it really helps – you just have to be motivated to keep yourself going.”

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“For those undergoing cancer treatment, you are not alone. As therapists, we’re here to help guide you through your cancer journey, help build your strength, and give you the confidence to live the life you deserve to live into survivorship.”

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“I think without ReVital, I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself.”

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“I’m thankful that I did cancer rehabilitation before surgery because now I can see that I’m not as behind as I thought I was going to be.”

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“My goals are basically to get stronger so I can use my time to the fullest and enjoy life.”

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“Even though it was a devastating diagnosis, I learned that cancer really is a journey and I’m really grateful to have crossed paths with this specials program.”

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“I lost my independence – and along with it went my confidence. After 3 weeks of rehab, I was really noticing a difference and next thing I knew, I was living my life again.”

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“I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of the way I handled this – I think I did it with grace. I think I’m a better version of myself than I was before I had breast cancer.”

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“Any cancer diagnosis is shocking and difficult to hear – you need a lot of support when you’re in this situation. Coming to Select Physical Therapy and having people looking out for me mentally, physically and emotionally has meant the world.”

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Thomas Valenti is no stranger to dealing with the struggles of a cancer diagnosis. A brilliant artist from the South Bronx, Thomas knew one thing about his diagnosis – he didn’t want it to slow down his work painting.

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What happens when the heart of the home, the central force of the family, can’t overcome their pain or find the motivation to get out of bed? That’s the situation Jenna, her husband, and their sons had to face whenever she was diagnosed with breast cancer over five years ago.

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As a mother of four and a successful businesswoman, Julie was dealing with as much as she could handle on a daily basis. Throw in an active lifestyle and a runner’s mentality, and you’ve got someone who can take just about anything in stride.

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Kelly’s journey is a story of persistence. As a breast cancer survivor, her initial diagnosis started like many others – a burst of pain and a lump in her left breast. She wasted no time seeking out every possible treatment for her diagnosis, including a lumpectomy, drug therapy, and reconstruction.

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A stomach virus during a weeklong European vacation really puts a roadblock on all of the fun and excitement of enjoying a foreign country. But for Margo, that was not the worst thing that came out of her trip. Margo was able to have fun exploring the European countryside and even got engaged while there, despite her stomach virus. But when the swelling in her neck didn’t subside along with the other effects from her virus, she knew she was dealing with something more serious.

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Sean’s journey starts with something everyone deals with at some point, a simple sore throat. When he visited an ear, nose, and throat specialist when that sore throat became persistent in 2011, the last thing he was expecting was a diagnosis of stage IV tonsil and throat cancer.

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