Sean's Story

Tonsil and Throat Cancer

Sean’s journey starts with something everyone deals with at some point, a simple sore throat. When he visited an ear, nose, and throat specialist when that sore throat became persistent in 2011, the last thing he was expecting was a diagnosis of stage IV tonsil and throat cancer.

The 42-year-old financial advisor reeled at the diagnosis, but his doctor was optimistic.

The next few months were an odyssey of aggressive radiation and chemotherapy. Sean is a lifelong surfer, so he faced down his cancer like a competitive athlete. The support of his wife and his mental toughness helped him prevail through his treatment. He survived rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, but it left him weak, down 50 pounds, and with nerve damage and painful neck spasms. As an avid surfer, Sean just didn’t feel like himself when these challenges kept him returning to what matters most to him.

With the help of his ReVital therapists, Sean stuck to a regimented routine that included nutritional guidance, physical therapy, and ultrasound. The ReVital program helped take Sean from where he was to where he wanted to be – back to his old self on the water before cancer.

The ReVital Difference

A combination of therapies has helped Sean realize his goal of returning to sports like surfing and golf. He has made physical therapy part of his daily routine. His individualized exercises have helped him regain his posture and range of motion, helping him with aspects of life even outside of his extracurricular activities. The best part - he was proud to tell his sons that he beat cancer.

Sean has since returned to normal life with the help of cancer rehabilitation therapy which has bolstered him in every way:

  • Stronger and flexible
  • More coordinated
  • Fewer spasms
  • Greater well being

Sean is back to an active lifestyle, and for him, “that’s winning.”

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