Mary's Story

Mary Salina smiling beside her ReVital physical therapist.

Handling side effects of cancer treatment can be an intimidating endeavor, something nobody wants to experience alone – that’s why Mary Salina was so thankful to find her care team of ReVital therapists at NovaCare Rehabilitation. 

ReVital certified therapists are trained in oncology to help manage an individual's symptoms and side effects from treatment. With consistent activity and an individualized exercise program, a side effect like lymphedema doesn’t have to be debilitating.

“Not only have they helped me deal with and keep my lymphedema under control, but they have also helped me with my overall health through my post-cancer treatment. I felt very out of shape after months of surgeries and treatments. I needed a guide to get back to even my simplest fitness routine. I was looking to find activities that I could safely do without delaying my recovery or aggravating my side effects.”

The ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation program is about more than treating a single side effect, it’s about improving the overall health of each individual. Our rehab therapists are not just committing to helping those impacted by cancer do what matters most – they’re dedicated to improving lives from the ground up. By personalizing each program, individuals can find relief at a rate at which they can remain comfortable throughout their cancer journey.

“At NovaCare, I have the peace of mind and confidence to go forward dealing with the side effects of my breast cancer treatment. I feel like my lymphedema is under control. I’m getting stronger every day. When I sit down at our Thanksgiving table, I am certain this caring experience will be at the top of my list of things I am most grateful for. To my team of ReVital therapists, Rita [Padhiar] and Katie [Shanley], thank you.”

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