Jenna's Story

Breast Cancer

What happens when the heart of the home, the central force of the family, can’t overcome their pain or find the motivation to get out of bed? That’s the situation Jenna, her husband, and their sons had to face whenever she was diagnosed with breast cancer over five years ago.

After undergoing her double mastectomy and reconstruction, Jenna received very little advice or instruction on how build her body back up following her treatments. Instead, the minimal exercises she was recommended left her in even more pain.

This new life of persistent pain and a very limited range of motion is what Jenna and her family thought might be the unfortunate ‘new normal’.

When her cancer came back years later, this time metastatic and with a vengeance, it spread to Jenna’s sternum, coccyx, hip, lung, and lymph system. This would be devastating news to anybody. Jenna and her family, however, took it as an opportunity to rejuvenate the life they knew before her first diagnosis.

Jenna was determined to get back to what matters most – that’s why she sought out ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation.

The ReVital Difference

With Jenna’s second recurrence, she wanted to set goals.  Facing several months of hormone therapy in addition to the multiple surgeries that were necessitated by her first cancer, her doctors prescribed physical therapy. Ultimately, Jenna wanted to relieve the side effects of her treatment, including:

  • Joint pain and body aches.
  • Pain caused by muscle tightness.
  • Limited range of motion like raising her arms over her head, painting, and maintaining a household.

In addition to the physical strain, cancer was also taking a massive emotional toll on Jenna. She struggled to find motivation to even get out of bed some days. She couldn’t paint, and instead of working with her artistic passion, she watched the clock, waiting for the time she could go back to bed.

Jenna began working with her ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation therapist who she describes as skillful, knowledgeable, gentle and encouraging. With her therapist’s help, Jenna focused on stretching and performing a detailed, but easy, set of exercises from home.

Her improvement, both physically and mentally, was almost immediate.

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