Cancer Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

ReVital therapists get your body back on track during and after cancer treatment

ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation physical therapists are specialists in helping manage side effects that result from cancer.

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, physical therapy can help you heal and regain strength. ReVital physical therapy helps with fatigue, balance issues, pain and other limiting side effects of your cancer treatment.

ReVital’s physical therapy program focuses on your unique needs based on your cancer diagnosis. This is a foundational differentiator of the ReVital program.

What to expect from physical therapy as part of cancer rehabilitation

Regaining function is the goal of physical therapy.

Your first appointment is an evaluation. This helps us understand your medical history, cancer diagnosis and treatments. This first session can also identify any limitations in your mobility and how it impacts your life.

From there we create your goals, together.

Knowing what activities are important to you will help define your goals.

For example, do you want to be able to hold your child or grandchild? Start working out again? Or just enjoy making dinner without pain?

We’ve written a guide on preparing for your first visit.

You may need more than ReVital physical therapy. Occupational and speech therapists at ReVital also have expertise in cancer rehabilitation.

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