Cognition Therapy

Treating mind and body

Cancer and its treatment impacts body and mind.

During cancer treatment or after, you may have trouble with focus, attention and memory.

Commonly referred to as “chemo brain” or “brain fog,” these conditions can occur even without undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

You may need cognition therapy if you are:

  • Forgetting things you usually have no trouble remembering (memory lapses)
  • Having trouble concentrating (can’t focus on what you’re doing)
  • Struggling to remember details
  • No longer able to multi-task (i.e., taking notes while listening)
  • Taking longer to finish tasks due to lack of focus
  • Exhausted from mental tasks

Our team understands these difficult, frustrating situations.

Cognitive rehabilitation includes individualized activities to improve brain function using various methods to absorb new information and perform new tasks.

We offer advanced strategies to strengthen memory and organizational skills.  Cognitive rehabilitation can help you regain clarity through a combination of re-training and adapting techniques.

Our cognitive rehabilitation therapists provide the mental and behavioral strategies needed to help cancer survivors return to work, school and the community.

What you can expect

Your cognitive rehabilitation therapist and cancer care team will work alongside you to create a personalized care plan based on your functional status and goals. During the first visit, your therapist will examine your needs and abilities, listen to your story, and help develop a plan that’s right for you.

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