Margaret's Story

“I’m getting there with the help of ReVital. The exercise works and it really helps – you just have to be motivated to keep yourself going.” – Margaret, ReVital patient

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Margaret struggled with the range of motion in her arm – this is a common side effect of treatment for breast cancer, one that can be very debilitating when it comes to carrying out day-to-day activities.

Since working with her team of ReVital certified therapists at Banner Physical Therapy in Arizona, Margaret has been very excited to be able to return to some of her normal daily tasks like cooking or just combing her hair.

In this video, Margaret shares how she struggled with range of motion in her arm after surgery to treat breast cancer. After working with the ReVital team at Banner Physical Therapy in AZ, she can now carry out her day-to-day activities once again, like cooking and combing her hair.

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