Steve D’Amato, BScPharm

Executive Director, New England Cancer Specialists

Steve D’Amato, BScPharm Executive Director New England Cancer Specialists

Steven D'Amato, BSPharm, BCOP, is the executive director and clinical pharmacy specialist at New England Cancer Specialists in Scarborough, Maine. He is a clinical associate professor at the University of Tufts College of Medicine and a member of ASCO, ACCP, ACCC and HOPA.

A member of the Maine Medical Center Institutional Review Board in Portland, Mr. D’Amato has 30 years of experience in clinical oncology in both the hospital and private practice settings. He has extensive knowledge of EMR implementation, utilization and practice management.

Mr. D’Amato has lectured extensively on pain management, end-of-life care and oncology practice.  He is a board member of the Community Cancer Center in South Portland, a non-profit organization providing education and support to cancer patients.

He is a past president of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), and is the ACCC Delegate Representative for New England Cancer Specialists.  Dr. D’Amato earned his undergraduate degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston.