"This highly effective therapy gave me a chance to live life more fully and do what I love.”

Jenna's Story

Jenna has always been the heart of her home, an artist and the force that centered her family — including her husband, Ed, and their sons.

But a little over five years ago, Jenna received a devastating diagnosis — breast cancer. What followed was a double mastectomy and reconstruction. What did not follow was any recommendation or prescription for post-operative physical therapy.

“She was told to practice walking her hands up and down walls a few times a day,” Ed said. “And instead of making much of a difference in Jenna’s range of motion or the post-surgical pain she experienced, what happened instead is that her body adopted a very protective posture, with her shoulders rolled forward, further limiting her range of motion even more.”

Adding to the struggle, after five years, Jenna’s cancer came back — metastatic and with a vengeance. This time it spread to Jenna’s sternum, coccyx, hip, lung, and lymph system. 

Jenna and Ed both believe that as a result of massive praying and leading-edge hormone therapy, the cancer discovered in the second diagnosis was eradicated from her body in just three months, as evidenced by slice-by-slice comparisons from before-and-after scans.

Realistically, however, Jenna knows that she will need to continue with her slate of treatments for the foreseeable future — treatments that leave her fatigued and in pain





With Jenna’s second recurrence, she wanted to set goals.  Facing several months of hormone therapy in addition to the multiple surgeries that were necessitated by her first cancer, her doctors prescribed physical therapy. Ultimately, Jenna wanted to relieve the side effects of her treatment, including:

  • Joint pain and body aches.
  • Pain caused by muscle tightness.
  • Limited range of motion like raising her arms over her head, painting, and maintaining a household.

In addition to the physical strain, cancer was also taking a massive emotional toll on Jenna. She struggled to find motivation to even get out of bed some days. She couldn’t paint, and instead of working with her artistic passion, she watched the clock, waiting for the time she could go back to bed.

The Routine

Jenna began working with her ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation therapist who she describes as skillful, knowledgeable, gentle and encouraging. With her therapist’s help, Jenna focused on stretching and performing a detailed, but easy, set of exercises from home. Her improvement, both physically and mentally, was almost immediate. Jenna’s friends noticed that within weeks her posture had improved and she seemed more alert. A few weeks later, Jenna was heading to the gym. Her energy had doubled, and she found herself back at the easel painting again.

“I felt as though this highly effective therapy gave me a chance to live life more fully and do what I love,” Jenna said. “The continual support I receive from my ReVital team has helped me focus on lasting change.”

How ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation Helped Jenna

Ed said the results Jenna has achieved working with her ReVital therapists have been incredible and literally changed her life and outlook on life.

He shared, “She is a new person in body, mind, and spirit. Now that she sees results, she is very motivated to go to the gym. Jenna has researched nutrition and seems to have made a life-long commitment to being healthy. She carries herself now with her shoulders back. Her posture is fantastic, and her range of motion in her arms and shoulders is almost back to normal. She looks great, and I have my wife back.”

The Outcome

Some days are still harder than others, Jenna admits, but she’s proud to be overcoming. She’s transformed in a way she didn’t think was possible, and she’ll never allow herself to return to where she was before she engaged with physical therapy.

Jenna shared, “The support I receive and the habits I’ve adopted will help me now and in the future, regardless of any changes or setbacks that may come. I know my ReVital therapists will be there for me any time I need them. While much about cancer has been out of my control, I’m relieved to say that pain is no longer one of those things.”

Jenna’s cancer treatment and rehabilitation are ongoing.

Next Steps

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